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The Ambitious® Video Planner Has Helped More Than 5,287 Business Owners Create Their First Video

New "Fill In The Blank" Video Planner Helps You Create Videos In Just minutes, Even If You've Never Filmed A Video Before
*The Ambitious® Video Planner retails for $19.95, but today you can have a physical copy shipped directly to your home, as well as access to an instant PDF download for only $10.

The Ambitious® Video Planner from Emmy® Award Winning Producer Greg Rollett

Designed to help business owners share their story, their insights and tips via video, even if you have no idea what to say or how to say it.

Only $10 for a limited time. (includes FREE SHIPPING anywhere in the United States)

Brett Burky, Paperstac.com:

"The Ambitious Video Planner makes creating videos so easy. I could never see myself filming another video without it."
Order your copy of the Ambitious® Video Planner Today And Receive $136.98 Worth Of Tools & Training
1. A physical + digital copy of the Ambitious® Video Planner which includes 52 weeks worth of brand building video ideas and an easy to use, fill in the blank outline to plan your expert positioning, social media videos in minutes. ($19.99 Value)

2. My complete gear list that I personally use to create my own social media videos that have been seen by millions of people all over the world. ($19.99 Value)

3. A special training class that reveals the system we use to help experts, authors and coaches to create videos that generate clients, customers and influence on demand ($97 Value)

How Will This Planner Help Me To Create Videos?

#1: 52 Weeks Of Video Prompts & Ideas

We all know that staring at a blank screen or a blank canvas is no way to get into your creative zone.

That is why my team and I have poured through thousands of videos that we have created for our clients and found the best ideas, prompts and concepts to get your creative juices going.

These are perfect to use to create your first videos and draw off their inspiration. Or they might just give you another idea that is even better.

One thing is for sure, using the Ambitious® Video Planner ensures that you never get the blank page blues again so you can spend less time thinking and more time sharing your videos with your audience.

#2: A Proven "Fill In The Blank" Outline

Every single time I have filmed a video over the past 10 years, I have used this outline. From hosting a reality TV show, a weekly online TV show on Entrepreneur.com, Facebook Video ads, sales videos, promos and live videos - I never go into a video without going through this outline.
It is responsible for many millions of views of my videos, but more importantly millions of dollars in sales for my businesses over the past 10 years.

Now you will have that exact same outline to draw from and use every time you sit down to film a video.

#3: Training & A Community To Help You & Hold You Accountable Every Step Of The Way

  • What is the best way to use the Ambitious® Video Planner?
  • What videos are other people making?
  • Can I get some help with my outline before I film my video?
We know that you are going to have questions. We also know that filming yourself on camera can be scary. That is why we create weekly training videos and have built a community of thousands of business owners like you who are using video to build a business that fuels their Ambitious® Life.

When you get your copy of the Ambitious® Video Planner today, you will have access to all of these free trainings as well as our community of Ambitious® Entrepreneurs. These will become your peers, your friends and your accountability group to ensure that you use the planner and all of our training to build a business that powers your life.

Thousands Of Business Owners Are Using Their Video Planner To Create Social Media Videos Every Single Day...

Watch this video from Emmy® Award Winning Producer Greg Rollett To Find Out...

"I mapped my first video out in less than 2 minutes!"

"Here's how it happened...

I got your video planner this afternoon and OF COURSE, I would happen to have a scratchy voice from traveling so no shooting today.

Suffice it to say, this is as easy as it gets to map out videos. Not just that, the answers BECOME your video outline. It really is that simple.

Greg you've simplified it to such a point that even if you are scared to be on camera or you're polished like a pro speaker...this will help you.

Get it...I love it. I've been looking for something like this for years to speed up my video production. Thanks dude!"

-Brad Spencer
The Leverage Show
"The amazing, Greg Rollett, has created a tremendous resource for people looking to take their video creation game to the next level with The Ambition Video Planner.

Think of it as journal prompts for your video strategy.

I've already started using it... and love it.

There is a reason I had Greg as a speaker at Elevate, dude knows video and this planner is his way of giving back.

I highly encourage you to pick up your Ambitious Video Planner from Greg.

BTW, this NOT a paid promotion.

I just love Greg's work and believe in his ability to help people and businesses working to make video more a part of their marketing and audience building strategy."

-Ryan Hanley

Insurance agency owner & Video Creator

"I Wish I Had Created This, But You Beat Me To It!"

"Thanks for this Greg! Only spent 10 minutes going through this and already LOVE IT!

Great resource for anyone doing anything with video."

-Troy Broussard
Creator, Membrandt
Software Entrepreneur, Author

This Outline And Video Formula Has Been
Battle Tested For More Than 10 Years...

My name is Greg Rollett and today I am an Emmy® Award Winning Producer who helps my clients from all over to world to create "snackable brand building videos" that grow their business and position them as the absolute authority in their marketing.

But it wasn't always this way.

I remember why I started creating videos to promote my business more than 10 years ago. I filmed my first video because no one knew who I was and I knew that if I shared something truly remarkable in a video, something that demonstrated my value, someone would see it and want to hire me.

Some of my early videos promoted an online course called The New Music Economy. The course taught musicians how to create a living through their music. Every week I would create a video talking about some aspect of music marketing, post it on YouTube and leave a call to action to visit my website to learn more.

And low and behold, you know what? It actually worked. So I kept using that exact same formula over and over and over again.

Since then I’ve used this same outline to promote everything from Job Fairs to Pillows to interviews with icons like Brian Tracy.
In the past 10 years, and after countless takes, editing, refining and testing, I’ve gone on to continue to perfect the formula with promotional videos selling online courses, done for you services and even having fun with the formula getting dressed up like Abraham Lincoln.

Every single one of these videos started with the same thing. A Big Idea.

Then I always had 3 main points I wanted to hit. And finally, there was a Call To Action at the end of the video.

It sounds so simple, yet every time I've strayed from this formula, I have over-complicated things, never got the video filmed, or it went off on such a tangent that the video was unwatchable.
These days I use the formula and outline laid out in The Ambitious Video Planner in my online TV show, The Ambitious Life which can be seen on Entrepreneur.com.

Due to the success of the show, Entrepreneur even runs full page ads in their magazine and sends out emails to more than one million digital subscribers directing people to watch my show.
The outline in The Ambitious Video Planner was also used to create all of the intros and discussion points in Ambitious Adventures, a reality show for entrepreneurs that I host for Amazon Prime. The show featured guests like Lewis Howes, Jack Canfield, Kevin Harrington, Jake Paul, Joel Comm, Caleb Maddix and more.
We’ve now taken this formula and outline to help hundreds of clients - professionals, authors, entrepreneurs and small business owners to create thousands upon thousands of videos with our Agency and Production Company, Ambitious Media Group.

These clients come from dozens upon dozens of industries from financial advisors to attorneys, authors to speakers, indoor air quality consultants to mortgage brokers and life coaches. Anyone that has something to offer that will better the lives of their market will benefit from using The Ambitious Video Planner to map out their videos, and do so in just minutes. 

And Now I Want To Get This Exact Same Outline And Video Formula Into Your Hands For Only $10!

Finally, An Easy Way For You To Share Your Story, Talk About Your Products & Connect With Your Audience Through Video

I've heard from far too many business owners that they want to start using video to grow their business.

They know that in order to stand-out an build an audience, and a connection with their audience, they need to be seen on video.

But far too often, they stop themselves from ever getting started because they don't know what to talk about. Or they aren't sure what to say in a video. Or they spend weeks trying to script out a 2-minute video that they never take the time to film.

I created this planner to stop the over-thinking, the perfectionism, the procrastination that is stopping you from making a much bigger impact than you are right now.

So whether you just want to try your hands at video, want to start producing Daily Live Videos, create a weekly online show or just need a place to jot down your thoughts, I encourage you to pickup 1, 2 or even 3 copies of the Ambitious® Video Planner.

You'll not only be glad you did, but you will be surprised at how many opportunities comes your way from people who now see you as the leader in your marketplace.
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